Bali & Java

In September 2013 I went to Indonesia for about 3 weeks. The country is absolutely fascinating. I didn’t know what to expect because so many people had given me conflicting opinions about their travel experience to Indonesia ranging from “too touristy” to “the coolest country ever”. My own journey started in Bali where I found the atmosphere to be relaxed and spiritual. Yes, it is very touristy, there’s even a Starbucks right next to a Hindu temple which gave me sore eyes but apart from that, there are enough places that are a feast for the eyes.The people are friendly and always willing to help, the food is amazing and the sun is always out. What else do you need?

After spending a little over a week in Bali, it was off to Java. Different culture, different atmosphere, yet the people are just as friendly and helpful and the island is just as captivating. In only 3 days time, I climbed two volcanos, Ijen and Bromo, and eventually ended up in Yogyakarta where the bird market with its rare birds, snakes, fish, dogs and cats kept my attention. I was sad to go home because I wanted to visit many other Indonesian islands but I’ll be back, I’m sure.

Here are some of my pictures.



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