Château La Coste

Visiting a wine estate is usually a traditional business. You visit the château, you drink a glass of wine and you buy some. But visiting Château La Coste is a completely different experience. Located in a small village just outside of Aix-en-Provence, it is an estate that combines wine, art and architecture. The wine-making side of the estate is still the most important venture but art and architecture has become more and more part of that wine-making culture. For instance, the winery was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel (he designed the Quai Branly Museum, my post about him here) and the kitchen garden was designed by Louis Benech (he renovated the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris).  Since 2004 internationally renowned artists and architects have created works of art and architectural installations and have integrated them into the landscape which makes for a very interesting walk through the vineyards.

I love the “Promenade Art & Architecture” that leads you to the most amazing art installations. Artist Louise Bourgeois is famous for her gigantic spider in front of London’s Tate Modern and her Crouching Spider sits in the water on the domaine. Brazilian artist Tunga‘s work “Portails” reminds me of some architectural construction that can be found in Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing and Frank Gehry‘s Music Pavilion makes me wonder how a construction like that can have such amazing acoustics.

The domaine is the perfect combination of  good wine, breathtaking views, amazing architecture and interesting works of art. At the end of your walk you can relax in the bio café, drink a nice glass of wine and enjoy the estate’s endless charm. A must for every wine, art or architecture lover.

Here are some pictures I took and click here for more information.



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