Jordan – Part 1

I came back yesterday from a 10 day trip to Jordan with friends. There are no words! The country is absolutely beautiful, the people are friendly and the sun is always out. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to.

We started our journey in Jerash where we visited the ruins of the old Greco-Roman city Gerasa. According to many writings it was Alexander the Great who established this city around 300 BC. I hadn’t expected the site to be so grand. Archaeologists are still digging for new ruins but part of the city was built on the ancient ruins which makes it that much more difficult to see the scale of what the city used to look like. Later that day we took a dip in the Dead Sea which lies about 400 meters below sea level and is the deepest point on earth. It was so hot and damp there, it almost took my breath away. Right next to us there were a few people from Saudi Arabia and all the women wore black burqas, I have no idea how they keep cool in such temperatures.

On our second day we drove down the King’s Highway and stopped by the Kerak castle which is one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant. Horror stories about how some of the crusaders killed people still linger. At sunset we arrived at Dana Nature Reserve where goat herders as well as camel drives had stopped to let their cattle graze. One goat herder told us he was a Syrian refugee and had witnessed the killing of 18 of his family members. He was the only one to find refuge in Jordan. That night we slept in tents with a spectacular view over the valley. Complete silence at night is something we can’t even imagine anymore but it is bliss.The next day we walked for five hours in Dana’s Nature Reserve until it was time to leave and go to our next stop, Petra. More  pictures later.



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