New York – Part 1

New York is quite possibly the coolest place on earth. I arrived on March 15th and I literally haven’t sat still in three weeks. There is so much to do here in terms of culture whether it’s dance, theatre or art, there is something for everyone and you’ll experience so many new things that it’s impossible to be bored. Unless you’re a countryside person, which I am too, but I’m quite restless so a change of scenery doesn’t hurt once in a while.

When I left Belgium for New York on March 15th, spring was in the air in my home country. When I arrived in New York however, it looked like the middle of winter. It was so cold and everyone was complaining about it. People were yearning for a bit of warmth on their skin, and so was I. But time flew by so fast. I went from day to day, from neighborhood to neighborhood and from restaurant to restaurant. Apparently, no one cooks in New York. Everyone brunches, lunches, dines… all day, every day. And I’m not the best cook so I’m all for it.

During my short stay I have already met the most amazing people. I was invited to a special reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (blog post here) by a lovely woman whom I had met at Château La Coste in the South of France where I have worked this past year.  When the weather finally got a bit warmer, I went to an “End of Hibernation” party at a Brooklyn loft and I danced the night away at Marquee in Chelsea. In the meantime I also went shopping in Soho, a place I should avoid really, in fear of spending too much money; and had dinner at a few great restaurants.

My favorite places so far are:

The Five Leaves in Williamsburg. Perfect for brunch.

The Iron Chef, a sushi restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn.

La Buvette, a French/Italian restaurant in the West Village.

I haven’t been able to take many pictures yet because I’ve been so busy during the week but here are just a few.


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