New York – Part 2

I’ve been living in New York for almost two months now and I’ll be leaving in a month… I feel sad just thinking about it! The city is such a jungle and there’s something surprising and interesting around every corner so I feel like I’m not done with it just yet. These past weeks have been amazing. I ate at great restaurants and met the most fascinating people.

Last week I went to the Chaplin Gala honoring Robert Redford at Lincoln Center. People like Jane Fonda and Barbra Streisand were there to honor Robert Redford and they gave such insightful and funny speeches about working with him. Many film excerpts were shown on screen and people cheered when he was finally called on stage to receive his award. Robert Redford has always been one of my favorite actors (I was influenced by my mother, I admit) and I’ve seen most of his films, from “The way we were” to “All the president’s men”, “The great Gatsby” and “The Horse whisperer”. But my favorite film is without a doubt “Out of Africa”, I’d watch that film five times a week.

I also went to a screening of “Far from the Madding Crowd” starring Carey Mulligan and Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts. The film is based on a book by Thomas Hardy and was directed by Danish filmmaker Thomas Vinterberg. If you enjoy that type of romantic drama set in Victorian England, then you should definitely go see it, but overall, the film didn’t stick and the ending was nothing short of a cliché. Afterwards, there was an interview with Thomas Vinterberg and his lead actor Matthias Schoenaerts which was interesting to get some insight into the cinematic decisions they made.

Last Saturday I was invited to the opening of a new exhibition at the Fridman Gallery in Soho. I met many interesting artists of which I’m sure we’ll be hearing about in the future. And the dinner afterwards was not too bad either!

Aside from all those wonderful and surprising experiences, I’ve also just been hanging out with new friends, enjoying the warmer weather, and dancing the nights away. I’m now focused on enjoying my last month in New York city to the fullest and after that… we’ll see. Exciting things ahead, that’s for sure!



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