DRC – Perfect drug?

"I've seen many people go a bit crazy here.", a friend said. And that's how the conversation started. We kept on talking for hours on end, the electricity going on and off and eventually resorting to the light of a few cherished candles. "Either you create a short term memory or you create an alternate... Continue Reading →


DRC – Such Devastating Beauty

Take this desirable patch of land and lay it elsewhere. Where no one can touch it, where people are free and without sorrow. Where birds can whistle from dusk till dawn and elephants can thump their feet on the savannah plains in sheer happiness. This is Congo, a land of hopes and dreams and laughter and... Continue Reading →

New York – Part 3

My New York adventure has come to an end. I came back to Belgium last week and I already wish I could return. I never thought I'd miss a city as much as I miss New York. The positivity of the people, the friendships I made, the interesting conversations, the endless possibilities, etc... Coming from a small... Continue Reading →

New York snapshots

Sometimes I don't find the time to take my good Nikon camera with me. It's been hot and humid these past few days and the feeling of having a heavy camera hanging around my shoulders is just too much. But I always end up regretting it because most of the exciting things happen when you least... Continue Reading →

New York – Part 2

I've been living in New York for almost two months now and I'll be leaving in a month... I feel sad just thinking about it! The city is such a jungle and there's something surprising and interesting around every corner so I feel like I'm not done with it just yet. These past weeks have been... Continue Reading →

New York – Part 1

New York is quite possibly the coolest place on earth. I arrived on March 15th and I literally haven't sat still in three weeks. There is so much to do here in terms of culture whether it's dance, theatre or art, there is something for everyone and you'll experience so many new things that it's... Continue Reading →

Leysin, Switzerland

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.” - Lewis Carroll I went on a short holiday to Switzerland last week.... Continue Reading →

France – Winter 2015

For the past few weeks the weather in the south of France has been too good to be true so it would almost be a crime not to put on your walking shoes and sniff the cool winter air. Admitted, in winter it's always so easy to wrap yourself in a nice blanket and sit by the... Continue Reading →

Rome – La grande bellezza

Last week I went on a short trip to Rome, Italy. I go there once or twice a year to visit friends and I'm always glad to go back. This time was no different. The city was at its most beautiful, the autumn colors gave the city a golden glow and with temperatures rising up... Continue Reading →

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